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Accounting in Tartu, Tallinn and everywhere else. Accounting for small businesses has been our specialty for over 13 years. Trikato helps businesses in accounting and business, specializing in accounting for start-ups and solving financial and tax problems.

For achieving the best results, counseling and monthly reports to our customers are for FREE.

Accounting for a small business can be difficult at first. Have you experienced the same problems that many other businesses, who have turned to Trikato for help?:

„Should I register my company subject to VAT? Why and when?“
„Do I have to pay myself a board member fee as a board member?“
„The company has been in business for a few months now and it seems to me that it is necessary to make several declarations to the Tax and Customs Board ?!“
„I have the fear that the financial side of my business is not in accordance with the Tax and Customs Board rules?”
„What costs can be declared as business costs?“
„I am tired of not having anyone to discuss business finance, taxation or entrepreneurship issues with and there is no one who would give adequate advice.“
„As the company grows, there is no longer any knowledge to do the accounting myself and the risk of excessive responsibility has increased.“

If so, our service may be right for you. Accounting for a small business is our specialty and we are one of the best because we are different from other service providers:

  We are entrepreneur-friendly. We always act for the benefit of your company and always within the limits of the law. Are you surprised? Yes, we too, knowing that not all accounting firms do it.
 No one will solve crisis situations better or react faster than us. This is our special skill.
 Accounting by piece price. Why? This is useful for starting entrepreneurs. If there is no activity, there is no accounting bills.
We act fast. Any questions will get answers if not today, definitely tomorrow.
We undoubtedly have very professional, responsible and friendly accountants.

Accounting for a small business – Start by finding a good accountant

In Trikato, we consider the warm and understanding attitude towards entrepreneurs very important. In addition, we contribute a great deal to the competence and skills of our accountants. We consider it extremely necessary because, in our country of Estonia, laws and business landscape are changing very often and quickly. An entrepreneur may not always be aware of everything. That’s why we help our partners in business and tax matters on a daily basis. Trikato’s Business Advisor and Chief Accountant Tiina has been in business for almost 20 years, and she can see what an ordinary accountant does not see.

In our customers, we see partners with whom we find the best solutions together. If accounting for a small business is exactly what you are looking for, you are in the right place. Entrepreneur – if you find this service suitable, we will be happy to contribute to your company. Our flexibility, professionalism, understanding warm attitude and inventive solutions are the values that have kept our customers with us.

We operate all over Estonia, ask for a personal offer!

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